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Octane/Brigade Integration? Octane Engine?
20.04.18 13:24
Octane/Brigade Integration? Octane Engine?


So, when I read the news article posted several months ago regarding Octane Render 3, the cloud, and Octane/Brigade integration, I initially thought that meant that the rendering power of Brigade would be eventually coming to Octane – so ludicrous rendering speed in the Octane Render plug ins and stand alone. Upon looking at the article again, I noticed it said “OTOY is listening to the community and integrating Brigade’s revolutionary real-time path tracing technology into OctaneEngine”. I’m not 100% clear on what exactly Octane Engine is, but it sounds like a subscription service product, that is different from the Octane Render Product and it’s many plug ins.I was hoping that someone from the Octane Render Team could comment on this and clarify – is the rendering speed of Brigade coming to Octane Render and it’s many plugins in a future release? Or, is Brigade being integrated into Octane Engine, and available via subscription as a different product apart from the plugins and standalone?

Please help.

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